The Holocaust

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Just recently we’ve had several instances of Netanyahu, Obama, McCain, Prince Charles and Hillary Clinton using the Holocaust and Hitler to justify pushing the US into war with Syria, Iran and Russia (see this, this, this, thisthis, this & this). My brother and his wife are in the military and I sure as hell don’t want them sent off to fight in more wars for Israel (see this & this).

Understanding WWII and what really happened is key to ending war altogether. Jews were targeted, rounded up and killed for simply being Jewish. And I dislike those who discriminate against others because of race, religion or sexual orientation. But I question the official government-mainstream narrative regarding WWII and the Holocaust based on the information I’ve reviewed so far. Here are some of the best articles, videos and podcasts on WWII, the Holocaust and the (Zionist) Jewish State of Israel I recommend reviewing.

David Cole (Jewish Truth Seeker): The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz

Ryan Dawson: David Cole on the Holocaust

David Stein on the holocaust from Ryantineocon on Vimeo.

Ryan Dawson: More Than Taboo (2013) | Because it is illegal to do so in many states I decided to have a hard look at the Holocaust. Was it really unique? Were there really 6 million deaths? Is there physical evidence for gas chambers? What would be the purpose of exaggerating? I took 9 hours from DenierBud and edited down to an hour and a half. I also took clips from David Stein and Bradley Smith and added my 2 cents. If something is so emotional that you can’t even talk about it or discuss it without freaking out then you might want to question yourself. More than 911, more than the military, even more than religion, the holocaust is the most taboo subject there is and there is a reason for that. It’s the backbone of modern militarism.

More Than Taboo (2013) from Ryantineocon on Vimeo.


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2 thoughts on “The Holocaust”

  1. Once again I really like your blog as you not only reflect many of my views but I always find something new to learn. And I also love the format. I am currently using blogger which isn’t very flexible and now thinking of taking mine to WordPress.

    I am the same person who left a kind of a wordy but controversial comment on your post entitled “Solutions.” If you feel that approving it might draw some heat then please do reject it but allow me to moderate it with some editing. I am not at all racist toward any group of people. My personal views of certain ethnic groups are strictly political (in this case I am opposed to their Zionism and globalist expansionism). But they can be harsh as you may have noticed with my use of phrases used by Hitler’s Germany for the Jews.

    Anyway I would like to add a contribution for the Pearl Harbor topic. All through regular school up (middle and high school) the official narrative for what provoked the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor on that warm Sunday morning in December was that they were exercising aggressive imperialism. They felt that U.S. bases in the Pacific were too close for comfort at the time when Japan was expanding its empire. But they never went into details like why did Japan need to expand its empire?

    It wasn’t until I began attending college that I learned the true reasons. The U.S, was partially to blame for Japan’s expansionism into Asia. Because Japan is a relatively small island nation it is deficient in many natural resources including metals and petroleum. As it turns out there were high officials in the government including President Roosevelt who simply did not like the Japanese and Germans. Because of this in the years leading up to WWII the U.S. and some European nations imposed steadily escalating trade sanctions on Japan to leave them with no option.

    Here is a well written short article which covers much of what I learned in my political science course on international relations from college.

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