Israel’s Digital New World Order

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I’ve added the following documentary to our ‘What is Israel’s end goal?‘ page. This is all being driven by Israel as we’ve been documenting via ‘Israel’s World Order | How Tiny Israel Dominates Globally’: I’m keeping an eye on Estonia, and this is also worth looking into, ‘History of the Jews in Estonia’ Wikipedia.

This documentary also made me think of a New York Times op-ed Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote back in 2009 titled, ‘NATO and World Security.’ Here’s the primary excerpt that came to mind:

A good first step might be an agreement on security cooperation between NATO and the Kremlin-created Collective Security Treaty Organization, which consists of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In return for this concession — which Moscow has long sought — such an arrangement should be made conditional on provisions that confirm the right of…

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Talpiot Talk Weekend Edition: Jewish Power Networks, Trump, Dugin, Russia & Multipolarity

Talpiot Talk

Jon Swinn, Greg McCarron and Joseph Davis discuss Jewish power networks, Trump, Dugin, Russia, multipolarity and beyond.

Jon Swinn

Greg McCarron

Joseph Davis

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