How The Talpiot Program Works | The Antedote Podcast

Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe Kushel do an incredible job of tying together Israel’s domination of the high technology sector in the aftermath of Israel’s successful September 11, 2001 attacks starting at the 9:10 mark. Jeremy really hits this point home at the 20:35 mark when he reads an excerpt from Naomi Klein’s book, ‘The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism‘ [pg. 550].

In regards to Cambridge Analytica, their CEO discusses an Israeli intelligence gathering tie-in via a recent Channel 4 News undercover investigation.

How The Talpiot Program Works

via Jeremy Rothe Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast

On this week’s program we discuss two recent TV programs which shed light on how The Talpiot program helps ensure Israel’s domination of the global cybersecurity and high technology sectors. We first play clips from Benjamin Netanyahu’s interview with Mark Levin, and then play clips from a new HBO/Vice documentary which details Israel’s dominant cybersecurity status. We close with a brief discussion about Cambridge Analytica in the wake of Facebook’s crackdown.

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Israeli Drones World Wide

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Israeli Drones World Wide

by Brendon O’Connell

The drones just aren’t over Israel.

Drone presidents. Drone alt-media. Drone terrorist groups. Drone freedom fighters. Drone MSM, Drone everything.

1. The Talpiot Program remains Israel’s primary foundation of it’s power. Few talk about it.

2. Israel steals U.S high technology and hands it over to Russia, China and even Iran.

3. Intel and AMD CPU’s both have hardware backdoors. Intel via the Intel Management System. AMD via a similar “on die” separate CPU with it’s own Linux based O.S – The Arc Processor.

4. The Arc processor is tiny and fills The Internet Of Things and the Smart Cities Program. It will soon be back dooring your personal Rabbinic Gollem Robot.

5. Israel is leading the technology end of the One Belt One Road project – central to the BRICS.

6. Anti-Zionist hard cores are over joyed by the BRICS…which is controlled by Israel 😀

7. Saudi and the Gulf States have been terrified into Netanyahu’s arms by the Persian Empire building of Rouhani and The Reformist Crew. All with giant Swiss bank accounts. Ahmedinejad called for unity of Sunni and Shia, Arab and Persian. Rouhani’s crew have done everything they can to destroy it and done the bidding of Israel and The Oded Yinon Plan – broken up the Middle East and destroyed Arab nationalism.

8. China and Russia are now both the official Great Power enemies of the United States. Funny that Israel, on the public record as the number one supplier of their high tech is not on the official enemy list of the United States. In fact they have their own Shelden Adelson puppet president in there.

Heres a “few” – mostly small channels and sites.






Few if any tell you about Israel being the tip of the spear in the GIANT One Belt One Road project that the “alt” media largely ignore except for a tiny few.

This is Israel, Russia, India and China. I-S-R-A-E-L people. Israel is leading the “break away” trillion dollar project that people like Robert Steel and Cynthia McKinney laud – hello – Israel is running it.

Donald Trump is STILL being lauded by so many drones in the alt media it is bizarro world. He is an out and out Israeli intelligence, Sheldon Adelson creation through and through from start to finish.

Israel is leading all the AI, crypto currencies, hard ware backdoors into…everything. The Internet of Things. Smart Cities – which Saudi has fully signed onto. Which Israel runs. Israel will lead the way of penning up the Woken Goy into robot managed Smart Cities where you will be Wet Worked – chipped.

Jews will not be spared. They will fill the FEMA Camps along with the Goy if they do not do as Bi Bi and AI Rabbinic Robot commands. But Bi Bi has a plan to fill his new Greater Israel project – watch out for a massive rise in attacks on Jews walking their dog, especially ones with PHD’s in electrical engineering.

War is coming for Greater Israel – Rouhani has ably assisted and will get a Babylonian Persian Empire on the east side of the Euphrates. Controlling The Stans as well.

My editing laptop was trashed and I am no I.T slouch – not a I.T professional by any means – but no slouch. My W10Pro machine was as secure as you could get it. They hammered me non stop – came right in under the software firewall (the best corporate level) utilizing the Intel Management Unit which makes the Meltdown “bug” in Intel CPU’s look grossly under rated.

This video misses out on much. It was originally over 2 hours long. I had to stop due to the hacking. It is two weeks over due.

After the war, Netanyahu will begin a campaign of Jew hatred in the United States and Europe to force Jews into Greater Israel and into Russia where both Putin and Netanyahu brag they have “safe spaces” for Jews. Just be white and have an electrical engineering degree.

Evidence: Israel Did 9/11 [Trump Approves]

I’ve added this recent documentary to my 9/11 page: The evidence of Israel’s involvement in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US is overwhelming. Exposing this is crucial to stopping the never ending wars and Israel’s grip on our country. Please share with friends, family and especially US military personnel.

Evidence: Israel Did 9/11 [Trump Approves]

The original documentary was produced by Johnny Gat: I highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel: I removed the first 2 minutes of the video because it contained an interview of Dick Cheney saying that the US has no evidence linking Osama bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks. Cheney meant to say Saddam Hussein, which the full transcript reveals. But that doesn’t mean Cheney’s comment wasn’t true as Gat’s documentary later proves.

9-11 – Mossad Neighbors of Mohammed Atta [“9/11 Hijacker”] on Same Street in Florida.