Talpiot Talk #10: Putin, Dugin, Israel, Russia & the Nazbols

Talpiot Talk

Joseph Davis, Adam Green and Greg McCarron discuss Putin, Dugin, Israel, Russia and National Bolshevism.

Adam Green | Know More News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaRjFptz7970mppuiGuZtpQ

Greg McCarron | The Antedote podcast https://talpiottalk.com/greg/

[The Antedote] A History of ADL/B’Nai B’Rith Subversion https://youtu.be/Jzw4-6y4Lls

Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel on B’nai Brith, the Civil War and Freemasonry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1Vq2JxIeMg

[The Antedote] David Duke and the Alt Right Disinfo Campaign https://youtu.be/35qyU1OWckc

Israel did 9/11 https://jdavismemphis.com/israel/israels-false-flags-assassinations-kill-switch-diplomacy/who-really-did-911/

Jewish Power, Israel and Russia https://jdavismemphis.com/israel/global-relationships-with-israel/jews-israel-and-russia/

Jews, Israel and China https://jdavismemphis.com/israels-world-order-how-tiny-israel-dominates-globally/global-relationships-with-israel/jews-israel-and-china/

[Joseph Davis] Talpiot & the Multipolar World Order https://talpiottalk.com/2018/04/09/talpiot-the-multipolar-world-order/

[Joseph Davis] The New Silk Road, or One Belt One Road (OBOR), initiative is being led by Israel via China. https://jdavismemphis.com/israel/global-relationships-with-israel/the-new-silk-road-or-one-belt-one-road-obor-initiative-is-being-led-by-israel-via-china/

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