A look at the pathetic Ted Malloch

Talpiot Talk

by Jon Swinn of theworldneedsthisman.blogspot.co.uk

For those of you who aren’t aware Ted Malloch, an Infowars contributor was detained by the FBI, questioned and subpeonaed to testify as part of the Mueller investigation.

Below is a quote I found that explains why Malloch was detained for questioning by the FBI.

“Fusion GPS cofounder Glenn Simpson described Malloch last year as a “Bannon Stone associate” and said he believed Malloch was a “significant figure” in the Trump-WikiLeaks connection.”

Do I believe Malloch has anything to worry about in regards to the Mueller investigation?

No, I do not. The FBI is following up on the statements made by Simpson. The FBI took the opportunity to meet Malloch at Logan airport as that was the quickest opportunity to question Malloch. There really isn’t anything else to the situation.

Now, I didn’t really want to do this but someone has to do it. I…

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