The Not So Chosen People

The producer of the video below has a done a really good documentary series on ‘The Not So Chosen People’ that I highly recommend. This is a really good short primer.

The Not So Chosen People


Alternative view to mainstream Zionist Christianity that breaks down the foundation of the Bible, debunking the history of the Jews and the people of Israel.

2 thoughts on “The Not So Chosen People”

  1. We would merely point out that thanks to the heretical strain of American Protestantism, known as Christian Zionism, many people are misled into believing that Christianity holds the Jews in such high esteem and that support of Israel and all things Jewish is a tenet of Christianity. True, authentic Christians who have a correct understanding of Christianity do not hold to these erroneous positions.

    I am always bothered when people attack Christianity over these errors put forth by these counterfeit Christians known as Christian Zionists. As well, do we really want Jews critiquing Christianity? I think not. Christianity did not grow out of what modern Judaism is – Pharisaic Talmudism.

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