Trump, Kissinger and MEGA: Who’s Really Calling the Shots?

In corresponding with Greg McCarron, I have been somewhat dismissive of his listening to multiple alternative right podcasts. I’m understanding why he does now. This is a huge find at about the 31:30 mark regarding the MEGA group and its influence on US politics.

Trump, Kissinger and MEGA: Who’s Really Calling the Shots?

via Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe Kushel of The Antedote Podcast

After taking a few minutes to discuss some of the important topics of the past week (including a potentially key Freudian slip by Prime Minister Netanyahu) Greg and Jeremy talk about a recent video in which Jerome Corsi, while speaking to a QAnon related group, mentions that he helped organize along with an Israeli group with “intelligence above Mossad” a meeting between then candidate Donald Trump and Henry Kissinger, and that Kissinger is pretty much the mastermind of the Trump Administration’s middle east policy. We talk about the significance of this statement by Corsi and why he might be referring to the very secretive and little known “MEGA” group of powerful and influential Jewish Zionist billionaires.

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One thought on “Trump, Kissinger and MEGA: Who’s Really Calling the Shots?”

  1. Corsi is a Christian Zionist. As well, Jewish interests pretty much control so-called “conservative” talk radio. You will never hear criticism of Jews or of Israel on any of the national or even regional radio talk shows.

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