The Cult of Khomeini and the Jews in Iran

I cut the original video [] off at the 3:40 mark because I disagree with most of the content after that point. More research is needed into this topic, but this level of Jewish involvement in Iran wouldn’t shock me in the slightest considering Jewish involvement in China [] and Russia []. Please watch and leave your thoughts and recommended resources in the comments section.

One thought on “The Cult of Khomeini and the Jews in Iran”

  1. Another domino falls…. Hezbollah is not the “resistance.” Hamas is not the “resistance.”

    Controlled opposition by your zionist sponsors of the U.S. Congress.

    “Jimmy Carter … the peace president.” What bull patookey! Just like “Bring down your Wall” Reagan (while we fund Israel’s!)

    JOKE… WHAT A JOKE and CRIME against the Persians who practically gave us monotheism.

    oh yeah and just listened to a DEA agent tell Kevin Shipp and Dr. Paul Williams how the CIA totally penetrated the DEA and Oli North runs/owns a good 90% of the cocaine trade.


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