E. Michael Jones: Whig Darwinian Metahistory

E. Michael Jones: Whig Darwinian Metahistory

via Peter Helland

Dr. E. Michael Jones discusses Noah Harari’s book: “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” which he has reviewed recently under the title: “Jewish Fables.” Harari’s mind is the slave of a defunct biologist, Charles Darwin: because there is no creator, Harari must of necessity believe in a myth that is totally preposterous, namely, that shit just happened. There is no way to prove this assertion. Harari simply asserts the claim in an aggressive — dare we say, Jewish, way — substituting chutzpah for reasoned argument. It’s the Jewish take on English “science,” which began as magic under the direction of John Dee and then thanks to Isaac Newton, became a materialistic ideology which has been full of contradictions for centuries.

Crucial to Dr. Jones thesis is the Christian understanding of the Greek word in the first sentence of the Gospel of John: Logos. St. John writes: “and the Logos was God.” Logos means wisdom or reason or speech or language etc. Dr. Jones argues that the first man and woman had to have been created all of a sudden and at once because the ability to speak can come to pass through the slow process of evolution. Harari identifies this turning point in history (the ability to speak) as “the Cognitive Revolution”. But, Jones points out, if homo sapiens has a “unique language,” how can Harari claim that he is “just another kind of animal”?

Harari argues that since man is just an animal made of atoms he can become happy by manipulating the chemistry of those atoms. Taking drugs is thus the way to happiness. Dr. Jones then describes the financial success of the Jewish Sackler family who made billions by increasing the strength of OxyContin by 8 times and cleverly marketing it. Was this just? Harari argues that the idea of justice is a fiction so the Sacklers do not have to be concerned about such things. (Jan 11th, 2018)

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