[Joseph Davis] The contrived shift to the “multipolar world order” is not Biblical prophecy.

[Joseph Davis] The contrived shift to the “multipolar world order” is not Biblical prophecy. https://youtu.be/0P0S_uauesg

[By Joseph Davis] Israel and the gimmickry of geopolitics

[By Joseph Davis] Is US still the only superpower in world?

[The Trumpet] China: 2017 Was a ‘Crossroads of History’ for Global Power Balance | “Bible prophecy says that in the end time, an era will be ushered in called “the times of the Gentiles.” Jesus Christ Himself used this term in Luke 21:24, and the context shows that these “times” will occur after a shift in global power takes place, pushing power away from America and toward two main power blocs: one led by Germany and the other led by Russia, with China in a position of secondary leadership. For this prophesied era to occur, there will first be a shift of power to China.” https://www.thetrumpet.com/16663-china-2017-was-a-crossroads-of-history-for-global-power-balance

[E. Michael Jones on Press TV] The Implications of Germany’s Loss of Confidence in the U.S. https://youtu.be/ZDg0CeZb4SA

[Andrew Korybko | Mackinder thesis overview] Hybrid Wars. The “Greater Heartland”, Crossroads Of The Multipolar World https://www.globalresearch.ca/hybrid-wars-the-greater-heartland-crossroads-of-the-multipolar-world/5516657

[The New York Times | Wolfowitz Doctrine] U.S. STRATEGY PLAN CALLS FOR INSURING NO RIVALS DEVELOP https://nyti.ms/1lMngtB

Joseph Davis’s “Syria Rebels” posts https://jdavismemphis.com/?s=syria+rebels

Joseph Davis’s 9/11 page | “The attacks of September 11, 2001 were orchestrated mainly by a clique of Likud party linked Israelis, the Saudis and their neocon and Israeli counterparts within the George W. Bush administration, as well as other Judeo-Masonic intelligence and central banking elements. The reasons they did this are for regional hegemony, which includes pipeline interests and remapping the Middle Eastrapidly expanding the surveillance/police state, spreading perpetual warfare for military industrial complex profiteering, and ushering in the decline of American world dominance (unipolar) to a multipolar world order dominated by Russia and China. This clique and their predecessors have openly divulged their plans in their own foreign policy papers, which were written well before September 11, 2001.

Below are some of the best resources I’ve found since I started to take a deeper dive into what really happened on September 11, 2001.”

Zionist Terrorism (what you need to know)

[Brendon O’Connell] “Add in the strategic events surrounding the One Belt One Road project. The biggest economic development in history. Israel, China and Russia are central. It is a City of London project. It is the Soviet era dream of the Eurasian trading bloc. Now, under Soviet Union 2.0, Putin. Please read, “New Lies For Old” where Soviet defector Anatoliy Golytzin warned the Soviet Union would come back at the West in a new form. I say disguised under the cloak of a resurgent Russian Orthodox Christian Church. The Patriarch (Kyrill) is ex? KGB and has billions in tobacco and vodka taxes. RUSSIA AND ISRAEL STEAL US HIGH TECH – TEL AVIV BOOMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6jF2… You are going to see Israel presented as a “blessing unto the nations”. All of the tech it has stolen out of the US is going to be routed out of Tel Aviv under the mid 1970’s The Talpiot Project. Cures for cancer. Agricultural high tech. Self driving cars. You name it – all out of Israel, manufactured in China. The USA will be presented as the root of all evil – it is ISRAEL and THE CITY OF LONDON, Jewish Power and the political Zionist Movement. Who founded modern China? Google the “Rothschilds of the East”, the Sasoon and Kardoorie families. Iraqi Jews. Google Shlomo Adler, Anna Louise Strong – all meeting Mao. All Jews out of Roosevelts war cabinet post WW2. All linked with The Silvermaster spy ring that gave atomic bomb to Russia. SAME PEOPLE – EVERY TIME.” https://youtu.be/cdYHDjXHLbg

#Duginism = Russian New World Order 2.0

[The Week] Why Russia should take over Israel’s defense from America

[Brendon O’Connell] The Great Russian/Putin Deception In Syria And Middle East https://youtu.be/RXBuG8NnYd0

[Joseph Davis] Evidence: Russia Cannot Be Trusted & Putin Is Not A Hero https://jdavismemphis.com/2015/10/19/evidence-russia-cannot-be-trusted-putin-is-not-a-hero/

[Sean Jobst] Chabad Links Bind Alt-Media Darlings Trump and Putin https://sjobst.blogspot.com/2017/02/chabad-links-bind-alt-media-darlings.html

[James Corbett] China and the New World Order

[The Financial Times] The man who made friends with Mao | The first American to join the Chinese Communist party in the 1940s tells about his extraordinary life https://www.ft.com/content/5befa6be-5abb-11e2-bc93-00144feab49a

God as nature and Christ as natural law discussions via Gnostic Media https://jdavismemphis.com/2017/09/20/clint-richardson-red-pill-sunday-school-via-jan-irvin-and-gnostic-media/

Jacob Duellman reads the transcript of Sir Israel Gollancz “The Shylock of Shakespeare” speech https://youtu.be/hKsTNdAJK7k?t=49m51s [scroll to 55:50 for the part specifically on Christianity]

[Sean Jobst] Putin’s Double Game in Syria: Russian-Israeli Cooperation | “Much can be said about the Kremlin’s role in setting the stage for what later became ISIS, by exporting thousands of extremists from its occupied territories in the Caucasus in 2013 and 2014, knowing full well they’d go to Syria. The flow of Russian-speaking fighters has continued to ISIS and other armed Wahhabist groups in Syria, yet we’re supposed to believe this large number couldn’t leave the Russian borders without complicity from the security services?”

Joseph Davis’s “Unit 8200” tweets https://twitter.com/search?q=jdavismemphis%20unit8200&src=typd

[Brendon O’Connell] To Understand Globalist Zionist Power And How It Rules From Israel, You Must Understand These Words – “THE TALPIOT PROGRAM” and “THE TECHNION” https://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.com/2016/11/israel-greatest-spy-machine-of-all-time.html

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