How Can America Defeat The Psychopathic Freemasonic Anglo-Zionist Plutocracy?

How Can America Defeat The Psychopathic Freemasonic Anglo-Zionist Plutocracy?

by Joseph Davis

America was set up as a symbol of freedom and an ideal republic, or at least that’s the cover story. Although a history of genocide of indigenous peoples, slavery and war can’t be ignored, many foreigners looked to America as a beacon of light and migrated here to seek a better life. America has contributed to incredible technological and scientific advancements.

It’s natural for a society to gravitate towards freedom, but a small clique of powerful people guide and misdirect this natural progression towards liberty for their own benefit. I call this clique the psychopathic Freemasonic Anglo-Zionist plutocracy. Religionsciencefeminismsexualityeducation, civil rights, historymedia and entertainment are all guided, weaponized and cloaked in a veil of good intentions to further nefarious agendas. This doesn’t mean these subjects are bad. They are simply steered away from their natural societal trajectory through manipulation (social engineering). This is why your average American is focused on constant amusement and trivial issues while ignoring central bank looting, corruption and never ending illegal wars.

The use of dialectics and controlling all sides is a key tool of plutocrats. Communism, socialism, democracy, republicans, democrats, Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, etc. are controlled or co-opted by plutocratic interests to divide and conquer. At a meta-level, the plutocrats are able to do this through control of the money supply and more recently, high technology.

Governments subjected to usury via borrowing from private banks are easily controlled by a plutocracy. All governments should issue their own currency to benefit its citizens, mainly via their labor.

If America wants to have any semblance of being free and an ideal republic to benefit we the people, we must take back control of the money supply, strive for a moral culture, and declare independence from Israel and its lobby. I suggest Russia do the same, but they’re currently getting a lot of our technology through Israel.

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