VIDEO: Russia-Israel-US-Syria Alliances; Eating a little crow on Op Talpiot & RIP Maidhc Ó Cathail

VIDEO: Russia-Israel-US-Syria Alliances & Eating a little crow on Op Talpiot

My First Foreign Press Interview on the #Lavrov-US Visit and #Syria with Andrew Korybko | Sputnik #Trendstorm

Call To Action: Syria Gas Attack

Russia and Israel agree to ‘more honest’ exchange of information on Syria – Kremlin

Israel and Russia are NOT on the verge of war. They are allies!

The Putin-Netanyahu Bromance

Israel provided intelligence Trump shared with Russia: report

[CORRECTION: This article was written by Andrew Korybko not Adam Garrie] Carving out “Kurdistan” is the US’ new end game in Syria

“Kurdistan” posts by Scott Creighton

Why is the West at war with Syria?

OPERATION TALPIOT, Brendon O’CONnel Exposed.

[AP] Secretive Military Units Provide Training Ground for Israel’s High-Tech Leaders

PACBI-How Elite Military School Feeds Israel’s Tech Firms

Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

[Russia-Israel high tech example] The Times of Israel articles on “EUGENE KASPERSKY”

[Russia-Israel high tech example continued] Russian security company to compete with Microsoft via new OS | Kaspersky’s OS is built from scratch for top-notch IoT security

Damning Fox News four part series on Israeli spies in America on and around 9/11/2001 that never aired on TV due to pressure from the Israel lobby, AIPAC

The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN): License Suspect Had WTC Repair Pass, But Port Authority Did its Own Work

Grant Smith: How Israel’s Lobby Moves America

Interview with Jeffrey Blankfort: Influence of Israel Lobby over US politics

9/11 Documentary Excerpts: Israel and 911, The Empire Unmasked (by Ryan Dawson)

9/11 Documentary: War by Deception (by Ryan Dawson)

9/11 Suspects: Israel

Maidhc Ó Cathail: Disinfo of Guilt by Association Tactics | Exposing Gordon Duff and his Veterans Today cronies and others

Maidhc Ó Cathail | Writing and Analysis

Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today , openly admits that 40% of what he writes is purposely partially false and 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false.

My 9/11 page with recommended non kook resources

Israel – The Greatest Spy Machine Of All Time [“OPERATION TALPIOT” and “THE TECHNION”]


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