The Eighth day: Pentagon Warmongers Torpedoed Cease-fire Deal Rather Than Give Up “ISIS” Info to Syrians and Russians as per the Agreement

The Eighth day: Pentagon Warmongers Torpedoed Cease-fire Deal Rather Than Give Up “ISIS” Info to Syrians and Russians as per the Agreement 

by Scott Creighton

This is fucking amazing.

On Sept. 12th, the US entered into a cease-fire agreement with Russia and Syria. The agreement promised to bring about a political solution to the 5 year regime change mess taking place in Syria.

On Sept. 17th US, British, Danish and Australian forces carried out a well-planned (two to three days in the planning stages) and sustained (well over 30 minutes) attack on Syrian troops outside Deir ez-Zor which killed 62 Syrian soldiers and wounded another 100 or so. The Syrian forces at the time were engaged in a fight with “ISIS”, trying to keep them from an airport at that location. “ISIS” wanted the airport for resupply. After the Russians demanded the US-led coalition stop attacking Syrian forces, the US agreed and sat back and did nothing as “ISIS” took advantage of the incident and advanced on the airport.

None of that is in dispute.

On Sept. 19th, a UN convoy of aid being delivered to the people trapped in the area of Aleppo controlled by our “moderate” terrorists was attacked and destroyed. The US immediately blamed Russia or Syria or both for this war crime. More than likely, it was the “moderate” terrorists launching “barrel bombs” from their “hell cannons”. The Russians and Syrians had no motive to attack the convoy and destroy the peace plan while the terrorists had EVERY REASON to do it. It is this event, not the US attacking Syrian troops, that is being blamed for officially ending the peace deal.

Currently on every MSM outlet, the talking heads are actually ranting about how President Obama should have attacked Syria like Bush did to Iraq all those years ago. They say that it is “obvious” that Russia attacked the convoy and that it is a war crime. They are begging for all out war in Syria based on the lie that Russia attacked the convoy. Aside from begging for war with Syria we should not forget that both Russia and Iran as well are there on the ground in Syria and any war involving targeting Syrian troops or Syrian political infrastructure would certainly risk escalation with one or both of those major military powerhouses.

The MSM talking heads are doing the PR bidding of the treasonous US military leadership who deliberately tanked the cease-fire agreement.

“What happened today has dealt a serious blow to efforts to bring peace to Syria,” said a senior US administration official, who added that the strike “raises very serious questions about whether the Russians can deliver their end of the arrangement” to rein in the Syrian regime. ” CNN

Pentagon leadership has been opposed to this deal from the beginning and there is good reason why: because if it had lasted 8 days, they would have to have given up information on the locations of “ISIS” and al Nusra to the Syrians and the Russians. The fact that the attack on Syrian troops happened 6 days into the deal and the attack on the US convoy took place on the key 8th and final day should make it perfectly clear Pentagon officials deliberately undermined the deal so they wouldn’t have to give up “ISIS” to the Russians.

“On Tuesday at the Pentagon, officials would not even agree that if a cessation of violence in Syria held for seven days — the initial part of the deal— the Defense Department would put in place its part of the agreement on the eighth day: an extraordinary collaboration between the United States and Russia that calls for the American military to share information with Moscow on Islamic State targets in Syria.” New York Times

The timing of this could not be more obvious. Military leaders who wanted no part of handing over “ISIS” info to the Russians had 8 days to kill the deal and that’s exactly what happened under extremely suspect circumstances.

The US-backed “moderate” terrorists in Syria continued their attacks throughout the course of the cease-fire agreement while Russian and Syrian forces held to the accord in spite of them. Clearly the “moderate” regime change contractors in the area wanted to see the deal fail just as our military leadership did. So they did their part, which in my opinion, culminated in the brutal attack on the US aid convoy with their “hell cannons” and “barrel bombs”

There is a long history of US support of both “ISIS” and the new “freedom fighters” in the area, the Kurds. sec. of Defense Ash Carter has made his opinions on the matter of the Kurds taking and holding parts of Syria very public.

On July 20th,“We have now have momentum in this fight and clear results on the ground… We must ensure that our partners on the ground (freedom fighter Kurds)have what they need to win the fight and then hold, rebuild, and govern their territory (“Rojava”),” Sec. of Defense Ash Carter, today

On July 18th, SANA News Agency reported on a coalition airstrike on Manbij which killed over 120 civilians. The new “freedom fighters”, the Kurds, were in the process of trying to take and hold the city under the guise of “fighting ISIS”. An official letter of complaint was sent to the UN in which they said “US, French, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, British and Qatari continued support to the terrorist organizations that they name “moderate groups, like Jabhat al-Nusra, Jaish al-Fatah, Jaish al-Islam, Liwa al-Tawhid and other terrorist organizations affiliated to the ISIS and al-Qaeda is a clear evidence that these states are colluding and cooperating with the terrorist groups, and an indication to their non-seriousness in combating terrorism.”

On Aug. 16th, I reported on the news that US-led coalition forces allowed “hundreds” of  “ISIS” fighters to leave the city of Manbij with the vehicles, to head north to begin another destabilization campaign in a Syrian city on the border with Turkey. “US Army Col. Carver, a spokesman for the US-led coalition fighters, told Pentagon reporters the decision to let Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) convoys leave the city was made by commanders of the Syrian Democratic Force“. The Kurds were left to “mop up pockets of resistance” in the city that refused to surrender to their rule until the US and coalition forces literally bombed them into submission.

On Sept. 15th, the Washington Post reported the Pentagon was “grudgingly supporting the cease-fire agreement with Russia regarding our Syrian regime change operation. Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Gen. Joseph L. Votel, head of the U.S. Central Command made it very clear they wanted no part of a peace deal that would bring an end to the violence in Syria.

Now that the peace deal has been successfully torpedoed by US military interests who were clearly operating in direct violation to a policy set by the president and Sec. of State, President Obama is being reported as finally considering directly arming our new “freedom fighters” in Syria, the Kurds.

One has to ask why there was a clause in the cease-fire agreement that the US would only give up their information on “ISIS” after an eight day trial period came to a successful conclusion.

I thought we were at war with “ISIS” and would gladly accept any help from other nations in our big tent “coalition”

Once again, the opinions of defense department heads, the actions of our “moderates” continuing to attack targets in Syria and the timing of these two more prominent attacks (the “accidental” attack on the Syrian troops and the bombing of the UN aid convoy by our “moderates” in Syria) leave no question in my mind that someone high ranking in the US military, has committed treason against the president, the Sec. of State and the people of this country and they apparently did so in order to keep from giving up “ISIS” to the Russians.

As irresponsible and as potentially treasonous as these actions were, we have to remember, this is not just Syria we are talking about but Iran and Russia as well and this breathless push toward open engagement with the Syrian military would not only destabilize that nation but also the entire Middle East as well. We are literally talking about flying attack missions against Syrian positions in a country that has done nothing to us and who just might be hanging out with Russian troops. The potential for catastrophic consequences of this overt act of defiance from the military leadership could be nothing short of WWIII and that is not hyperbole but a rational and measured logical conclusion drawn by evaluating the relevant facts on the ground. This is brinksmanship going beyond the pale of rational behavior. If they think the Russians, the Turks and the Iranians will back out of the way as they declare and wage open warfare on YET ANOTHER MIDDLE EAST COUNTRY BASED ON LIES… they are dead wrong… and perhaps that is what these ultimate warmongers want.

I will say this: my father was career military and he served proudly as did all the co-workers and friends of his that I met. This is NOT “the military” I am talking about… this is a small cabal of leaders who have made this decision and given these orders and by doing so, they have not only doomed Syria to more death and destruction, but they have potentially put the lives of countless military service men and women in harm’s way all in service of something beyond wicked. They killed a peace deal on behalf of “ISIS” and at the risk of igniting a larger, more deadly Middle East conflict. One that very well may lead to world war.

I can only say on behalf of our service men and women and the citizens of this country and those in Syria and the Middle East, that I hope the political establishment in D.C. has the fortitude and the courage to hold these warmongers responsible for these actions and take them into custody, starting with Sec. of Defense Ash Carter.

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