The Over Focus On The 28 Pages Is Ignoring All The Damning Evidence We Already Have

The Over Focus On The 28 Pages Is Ignoring All The Damning Evidence We Already Have

by Ryan Dawson of

“Some of the reports are so bad that they think it’s 28 pages of the 911 commission report. It isn’t. It’s from the JIS report done in 2002. They don’t even have the basics right. They just heard the word Saudi Arabia (a country you are allowed to talk about) and were sold.”

Ryan Dawson discussing the 28 pages in 2015…

Misinformation About The 28 pages | “Get your story straight. Step 1 learn what we know we already know. Bob [US Senator Bob Graham] was having breakfast with one of the 911 financers at Capital Hill on the morning of 911!”

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2 thoughts on “The Over Focus On The 28 Pages Is Ignoring All The Damning Evidence We Already Have”

  1. “Allowed to talk about”… kind of. I got loads of grief for using the world “Islamism” on Twitter. Fine, let’s get to the specifics. Wahhabism and Salafism tie back to Saudi Arabia, no? When Zgniew Brzenski was inciting “jihad” in Afghanistan, and Osama bin Laden later was hailed as a “hero” of “Soviet resistance” wasn’t this also a link to this retarded ideology rooting back to Saudi Arabia?

    At this point, I hope Saudi Arabia’s bluff is called. Release the 28 pages, see if Saudi Arabia pulls out of its U.S. investments. The 9/11 Truth movement should welcome any declassification and should push for it.

    Then continue on down to Israel’s role, the Israeli “art students” (spies) that were found scoping out all sorts of federal government buildings.

    Different events happened on 9/11:
    1. Planes were hijacked
    2. Planes (or drones or missiles it’s been alleged) hit two towers.
    3. The two towers were brought down by controlled demolition using nanothermite.
    4. A third tower, “Building 7”, also was brought down by a controlled demolition.

    I don’t think Saudi Arabia had anything to do with events three and four. In fact, the demolition of the towers is A HUGE INSURANCE SCANDAL totally uninvestigated from this angle.

    However, if Saudi Arabia even encouraged or allowed Wahhabi mosques to provide patsies relating to events one and two, even “crisis actors” to play the role of the pilots, that is enough to be guilty of conspiracy.

    We have to push past islamism and islamophobia to get to the truth of the matter. The New World Order (which obviously we are trying to prevent, and I maintain simply by exposing the TRUE world order/natural law/karma/physics/open-source we can defeat NWO) is being waged as a semi-staged semi-chaotic dual between “islamism” and “zionism” which are both COMPLETE REJECTIONS OF ABRAHAMIC ideals. Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand has been making the case for the transformation of the JEWISH state of Israel into simply an Israeli State (for Jew/Non-Jew alike, for ALL Israelis)) while recognizing side by side a Palestinian State and then further a CONFEDERATION of the two (This was one vision for Pakistan and India instead of the constant feuding we see now, parallel in some ways to Israel and Palestine).

  2. Ryan and I both want the 28 pages declassified. And like Ry says, the report mentions foreign governments plural (Saudi Arabia and Israel), which he thinks will get blamed on Pakistan. Apparently congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) wasn’t allowed to read the pages >> I’d really like to know if they do in any way implicate Israel. If so, they may never see the light of day. Or maybe they never specifically mention Israel but make it obvious and they’ll spin it to be Pakistan. We all need to know. And we all know the Saudi’s were involved from the unclassified pages and beyond. And you’re right, these extremist perversions of sunni islam came from Saudi Arabia. And how did Saudi Arabia come to be >> How Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Israel, the Saudis (and the rest of the GCC allies) and NATO work in lock step.

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