Bernie Sanders: a Warmonger and Economically Illiterate

Bernie Sanders: a Warmonger and Economically Illiterate

by Ryan Dawson of

Bernie Sander’s foreign policy of warmongering

  • He wanted ground troops in Yugoslavia.
  • He voted yes on Bombing Kosovo (one of his staff members resigned over it).
  • He voted to finance the Iraq War multiple times.
  • Supports the war in Afghanistan and voted for it.
  • Supported the coup in Ukraine and voted to give $1 billion dollars towards it.
  • Supports aiding Al Qaeda in Syria and calls them “moderate rebels”.
  • Voted to invade Libya. Hillary Clinton said, “With all due respect, senator, you voted for regime change with respect to Libya. You joined the Senate in voting to get rid of Gaddafi, and you asked that there be a Security Council validation of that with a resolution.” About the only truthful thing that’s ever come out of her mouth.
  • Bernie was a cosponsor of the war propaganda resolution.
  • Voted for sanctions on Iran and Libya.
  • Pro drone strikes.
  • He’s an imperialist.
  • He supported US intervention in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Liberia, Zaire (Congo), Albania, Sudan, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia.
  • He supports Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen and he is in total denial that Saudi Arabia is backing ISIS not fighting them.
  • His only vote against a war was Iraq. However, many Democrats did that as a vote against Bush, not the war. Bernie voted to fund the Iraq war and had no problem with it once Obama was in charge of it. He also voted for the sanctions that killed hundreds of thousands of children. He also was against impeaching George Bush and called it impractical.
  • He gutted the audit the fed bill (the night before it was being voted on).
  • He voted for several NDAAs.
  • Calls Assad a dictator.
  • Totally supports Israel. He told people in a town hall meeting to shut up about it.

Of all the corporate welfare which Bernie likes to droll on and on about, there is none larger than all of the military interventions he supports. He also supported the F35 program which of course was jointly built with the Israelis and cost $1.5 trillion dollars so far to build an aircraft that doesn’t even really work. With a $18 trillion dollar debt, 8.3% of it is the F35 project alone. For you millennials who can’t do math, that’s 1.528.

But forget about the wast that Bernie will not cut. Look at all the taxes and spending increases that he wants.

Bernie’s economic illiteracy

Sanders wants to increase the payroll tax. Basically, punish people who work to give free shit to people who don’t. They never look at the underlying problem of why colleges are so expensive in the first place: Government guaranteed student loans!

Listen up millennials! If the colleges know your loan is guaranteed then they increase the cost of tuition to match it. Colleges are investment vehicles for defense industries. Your tuition isn’t spent on education, it’s spent on wall street.

Under the cloak of education, the government is laundering money through the banks to students as a means of increasing the investment capital of universities into the war industries. They don’t care about you and furthermore, they aren’t even educating you or preparing you for the real world. They are indoctrinating you and saddling you with debt.

Sanders is part of the problem. If you really want affordable college then get rid of the government involvement. Prior to guaranteed loans, colleges were affordable. Ron Paul and Austrian economics are correct. Peter Schiff and I explained.

Healthcare has the same problem. Instead of trying to meet the price by giving the government more control and raising taxes to do it, why not ask why the prices for procedures and drugs are so high? Overly protective patents, medicare and medicaid abuse, regional protections to prevent competitive pressure on the price of insurgence, etc. It’s a complicated topic but for more info, Dr. Philip Caper and I discussed what is wrong with US healthcare here for 50 mins.

Bernie talks real big about going after the 1% and taxing people more. Well, 47% of congress are millionaires compared to 1% of the rest of the country. When you tax someone, that money does not go to the poor. It goes to the government and as we have seen, the government wastes it on militarism which as shown above, Sanders supports. He won’t cut any of the spending, instead he wants to spend more by taxing more, aka a typical tax and spend Democrat. He voted with the Democrats 96% of the time. That’s not an independent or a maverick. The US already has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Bernie wants to raises taxes above 50%! Tax money goes to the government. That is basically like taking your money and throwing it into a fire and then expecting ice cream to pop out. Businesses will pack up and leave if you tax them 50%, or in some cases even higher. The more money a business has the better. The more money they give to the government, the less money there is to pay workers and thus the fewer jobs that are available. There is a huge difference between “the wealthy” and “wealthy business owners”. Businesses provide jobs, goods and services. We need them making money. Instead of raising taxes, why not cut the bloated military budget starting with the F35? Why not get rid of excessive Departments, the DHS and TSA, the Department of Commerce, Education and the EPA? But wouldn’t that lead to a regressive disaster? No, I explained why to this Sanders supporter here. As for raising the minimum wage, it sounds good, but it isn’t. Ian Daily explains.

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