I’ve updated my Solutions page. Comments and recommendations welcome.

I’ve updated my Solutions page at jdavismemphis.com/solutions. Below is the introduction to the page.


Former US president Jimmy Carter recently called the US government an oligarchy. This is reinforced by a new quantitative study by Princeton’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern’s Benjamin Page that also finds that the US is an oligarchy. What this means is that a small group of people control the US government. I would go a step further and describe the US government as an empire run by a very small ruling class whose power derives from their wealth, which is a plutocracy.

These ruling class plutocrats control just about every aspect of our lives: public education, medicine, the monetary system, energy, the food supply and beyond. This is a major problem and will continue to get worse unless a large enough percentage of the population is aware and decides to take action.

Below are several solutions I believe are necessary to change things for the better with recommended resources at the bottom of the page. I’ll continue to update this page, so please feel free to comment and provide recommended links.


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