Same states financing terrorists attacking and destabilizing Syria are now at the UN deciding the future of Syria

Pentagon US won’t share info on ISIL with Russia

via Ryan Dawson on Press TV

I find it ironic that some of the same states involved in destabilizing Syria and financing groups that are attacking the government, are now at the UN deciding the future of Syria. As individuals, government employees and their industrialist sponsors, personally profit by bleeding the nation’s treasury into foreign intervention and military conflicts. They are enriching themselves at the expense of the American tax payer and the blood of foreign nations. The press doesn’t explain it because they are owned by a Zionist ideological faction which desires these conflicts to solidify Israeli power in the region. They want no challenge to their racial colonization and land grabbing. Fostering sectarian in-fighting prevents any economic or military rival from arising to challenge the current corporate hegemony and systematic exploitation. Governments exist to protect their own economic interest and use the power of law to enforce an unchallenged oligarchy.

– Ryan Dawson

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