US military folks: Billionaire Adelson regrets having served in US Army. Wishes he served in Israel Defense Forces. Wants to help “choose” next US President.

The story that Adelson and the Republican presidential candidates who are whoring after some of his billions really don’t want Americans to know about is his regretting have served in the US Army and not the Israel Defense Forces of the country he really considers his homeland, Israel.

Imagine the response of US military vets and current members of the service and their families if they would see the YouTube of this ugly creature rejecting the land of his birth.

One of the most important things that people can do for the Palestinian cause is to circulate the 1:17 minuted YouTube of this disgusting piece of Zionist offal telling a group, presumably American Jews in Israel, that he regrets having served in the US Army and not the Israeli wehrmacht. No US vet who sees and hears this would not be outraged. It’s an opportunity that should not be lost and since this was filmed in 2012, we need to ask why groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and the US Campaign to End the Occupation have not done so up until now.

Jeff Blankfort (raised in a Jewish non-Zionist family)

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