Thanks to “ISIS” Tank Video, Obama Authorized “Boots on the Ground” to Serve as Human Shields for Our Terrorists

“Fewer than 50 US troops will be embedded with the CIA’s terrorists in the northern areas of Syria. Clearly they are there to keep Syrian forces and Russian ones from targeting our “moderate” regime change actors in the region…

In this case, in order to help John Kerry get what he wants (regime change in Syria and replace it with pro-Western business-friendly puppets) President Obama is willing to put US soldiers in harm’s way alongside al Nusra terrorists who have proven links to al Qaeda.

Anybody remember al Qaeda?

Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?”

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

(Family of wasps moved into my disabled car. Waiting for bug spray to do it’s work)

A few days ago after the story broke about President Obama being advised by his military leadership that he should put “boots on the ground” in Syria to have them serve as human shields for the CIA’s terrorists over there, protecting them from Russian missiles, a “former” CIA op “leaked” news that they were going to send in 3,000 Special Ops troops to aid and comfort our destabilization mercenaries.

Around the same time, a video from the propaganda outlet, SOHR, was released showing “ISIS” run some guy over in a tank. Or supposedly showing that. It didn’t really, but you get the point.

Thursday, several nations met in Vienna in order to try to work out a political solution to the State Department manufactured “crisis” in Syria. Iran was there for…

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