Action Needed: Contact your reps and tell them no more war on Syria and Iraq!

We fought hard in 2013 to keep the US from overtly going to war in Syria. Hell, I even made it on the local news. Then out of nowhere came ISIS, and the US started illegally bombing Syria for over a year now claiming they’re targeting ISIS. Then Russia gets involved and does more damage to ISIS and the CIA’s “moderate” al Qaeda rebels in a matter of weeks than the US did in a year. Basically, Russia has embarrassed and exposed the US, so now the lunatics running our government are trying to save face by threatening to overtly put boots on the ground in Syria (and more in Iraq).

We now know that the US supported the rise of ISIS to overthrow the Assad government in Syria via a declassified 2012 US Defense Intelligence Agency memo. And we also know now that the US’s allies in the Middle East have been funding and arming ISIS to try and overthrow Assad. This isn’t conspiracy theory. This is insane!

Please get informed and call the white house and your congress critters and tell them no more war on Syria and Iraq! And while you’re at it, tell them no more war period!

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