Advice for Greece via Bill Still

SR383 Greece Vote NO in a Landslide

by Bill Still


Yesterday was America’s 239th birthday of freedom. Was it coincidence or some sort of Godly serendipity that today may well be celebrated by future generations of Greeks as their independence day – the day they said NO to the debt money system.

Today, the people of Greece struck a major blow for world freedom – if for no other reason then they voted overwhelmingly against a bailout agreement the terms of which had not been written.

With 99% of precincts reporting, Greeks voted NO on the newly proposed debt bailout austerity plan by a 61 to 39 percent margin.

In politics, a landslide is a 10 point margin; and a 20% margin is a double landslide.

Within the last hour, the European Central Bank announced that it will meet in emergency session tomorrow, and the one thing that they will not allow Greece to do is to have a dual currency.

In other words the one thing they are most afraid of is for Greece to reissue its sovereign money, the Drachma, along with using the Euro as well.

Therefore, my advice to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is to do EXACLY THAT.

You are on the verge of freeing your nation from the debt money system. Don’t let us down now.

The problem is that as of last week Greek banks only had 2 billion Euros in cash. However, they have 120 billion Euros in deposits on paper. That’s a big problem for a banker.

Tomorrow – Monday – is still a bank holiday in Greece anyway. The government should simply create enough Euros electronically to pay its bills – yes counterfeit the Euros.

If the European Central Bank will not provide actual paper Euros and complains about Greece counterfeiting their money, then the Prime Minister can threaten to have the following debate in public:

The Euro is a counterfeit currency anyway – even when issued by the ECB. Why? Because all Euros are created out of nothing anyway – completely counterfeit. On top of that, the EU is NOT a sovereign nation.

If the ECB doesn’t want to provide additional liquidity to Greek banks – cash in Euros — then the Greek Central Bank will.

Since it will take a few weeks to print actual Euro notes, the Greek Central Bank can issue IOUs just like California did a few years ago until their budget issues were resolved.

In addition, for every Euro produced, the Greeks should produce one Drachma – electronic at first, but immediately start the printing presses rolling to print up new official Drachma notes as well.

The Greek government has probably prepared a contingency plan for this outcome and so has printing plates ready to go for both the new Drachma Notes as well as Greek Euro notes.

Gradually, as the shock of the new money creation authority lessens, Greece can gradually increase the percentage of Drachmas and decrease the percentage of Euros until they are on a 100% debt free Drachma economy.

With such an overwhelming majority is today’s vote, Prime Minister Tsipras can go to Brussels with this kind of ammunition in his back pocket.

“Give us our way, or we’ll expose your whole counterfeiting scheme for the world to see.”

Bear in mind, this will probably NOT prevent a depression in Greece – but at this point, Greece is already in a deep depression anyway.

Why not do something that is guaranteed to free Greece from the debt money system and make it the first nation in modern history to escape into a world of economic sustainability?

I’ll leave you with the grand finale of the Washington DC fireworks last night.

Happy birthday, Greece. Happy birthday America. Long live freedom.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

Follow up video from Bill Still: Still Report #384 – My Greece Solution


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