US & China Working Toward Global Governance, US Dollar Decline & Replacement, and Chinese Style Internet Censorship

The ruling class is preparing the next contrived world war and global financial collapse to consolidate power into fewer hands. Even well known journalist and filmmaker John Pilger is warning about the coming war between the US and China (see John Cusack’s tweet below). If enough people get wise to this, we can prevent a complete disaster and reverse the tide. Please take a listen to the interviews below with James Corbett of And please also see James’ guest posts, China and the US: Frenemies with Benefits & China and the New World Order.

US & China working toward Global Governance | James Corbett (Part 1)

US Dollar DECLINE & REPLACEMENT | James Corbett (Part 2)

Chinese Style INTERNET CENSORSHIP | James Corbett (Part 3)

Also see:

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