As per these former pro-vaccine parents, vaccines can and do cause autism. | #HearThisWell #CDCWhistleblower

If you want proof that vaccines can and do cause autism, please scroll through the video player above of numerous parent testimonials explaining how their children came down with autism right after a round of vaccines. Some will argue that these parents are looking for any excuse to blame their child’s unfortunate conditions. Let’s dumb it down for those who think there is no way injecting things like formaldehyde, aluminum and/or thimerosal into a child can cause problems. Most of these parents were pro-vaccine, went to their pediatrician and had their child vaccinated, and then their child physically digressed before their very eyes right after being vaccinated.

I’m not claiming to be anti-vaccines. I’m for safer, non-toxic vaccines, and for independent, non-Big Pharma linked research, especially of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. And I’m for the basic right of parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their own children.

Here’s the about description of this new YouTube channel

On 8/27/14, CDC Scientist Bill Thompson issued a statement addressing his regret that he and his co-authors omitted “statistically significant information” in a 2004 study on the MMR vaccine causing autism.

CNN reporter Deborah Goldschmidt then published an article which embedded a CNN video where health correspondent Elizabeth Cohen states that within all of the dangerous side-effects of vaccines, autism is not listed. She then rephrased saying, “Some people don’t hear this well: vaccines do not cause autism.”

Outraged that CNN would choose to embed such a statement within Dr. Thompson’s confession that he and his co-authors had omitted evidence that African American males were at increased risk for autism from journal publication, autism parents across the country and across the globe responded to a call from the Autism Media Channel. These parents addressed the CNN correspondent directly, informing her that in their own families, vaccines had, in fact, caused autism.

If you’d rather view all the parent submitted videos, please go here.

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