Why did AIPAC, the Israel Lobby, oppose a bill to cut US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas?

Earlier in 2014, Senator Rand Paul introduced a bill to cut US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas. It might surprise most people to know that the US provides foreign aid to the PA, which pales in comparison to the foreign aid we send Israel. AIPAC, the Israel lobby, opposed Rand Paul’s bill, which seems strange on the surface. But to anyone who understands how the ruling class works, it shouldn’t be. Why would AIPAC oppose cutting US aid to Hamas? Just as the West created al Qaeda to supposedly fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, so did Israel create Hamas to weaken the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). These are mere cover stories.

The oligarchs who run things use inner circles of the intelligence agencies to create “terrorist” groups, which they then covertly control. They need them to fund the war machine and to further strategic geopolitical interests. War is and always has been done by way of deception.

Right now, Israel needs their Hamas “subhuman terrorists” to keep “digging and operating terrorist tunnels” and shooting pea shooter rockets so Israel can continue their genocide of Palestinians. It’s really about energyracial-ethnic supremacy and the Oded Yinon Plan for a “Greater Israel”. It’s sickening. We must end all foreign aid to racist, apartheid Israel and their controlled bogeymen terrorists Hamas.

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