Facing Inconvenient Truths In The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Has anyone figured out why over sixty Israeli spies (Mossad) were arrested in the US on and around September 11, 2001? If the Mossad infiltrated our own country from thousands of miles away, and we know Israel has supported and helped create Hamas, it shouldn’t seem far fetched to think that Hamas has been fully infiltrated by the Israeli Mossad. Why would Hamas murder three Israeli teenagers with the recent announcement of a US supported Palestinian unity government? And why would Hamas continue to fire rockets into Israel (also see this) fully knowing that Israel’s response would be to rain death and destruction on the open air prison known as Gaza?

The Netanyahu Likud regime “knew the kidnapped Israeli teens were dead as it whipped up a racist frenzy”, which resulted in the revenge attack of burning an innocent Palestinian teenager to death by racist Israeli colonists (also see this). An Israeli lawmaker immediately called for the genocide of Palestinians (also see this), and Israelis gathered on the border to watch and cheer on the bombing of Gaza. The chief director of the Mossad made a prediction that three Israeli teens would be kidnapped from a (illegal) settlement days before it actually happened (also see this). And a mother of one of the kidnapped teens went on international TV smiling, not shedding a single tear when interviewed.

And just recently, ISIS has taken credit for the murders of the three Israeli teens in honor of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed “caliph” of the Islamic State (also see thisthis). ISIS has links to al Qaeda, which has all kinds of intelligence ties to the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Now we have Israeli troops building up on the Palestinian border ready to invade Gaza. Israel has no desire for peace, and it never will as long as the Zionist Jewish supremacist state and the plan for a “Greater Israel” persists. I encourage everyone to take a deeper look into the history of WWII, the Holocaust and Israel, especially my Jewish and pro-Zionist brothers and sisters. Peace can and will be achieved. We are all one, though most of us haven’t realized it yet.

One thought on “Facing Inconvenient Truths In The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”

  1. I just wish to leave a simple reply of a thought that keeps coming to me every time I hear or learn of Jews being targeted for persecution such as in the so-called holocaust and other events at different times throughout the world. Maybe it is time to ask the question everyone else is afraid to ask. What is it about them that generates so much antipathy that it results in their expulsion and persecution throughout history?

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