Geopolitics: Western Imperialists Want Regime Change In Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela

2011 FLASHBACK: Leading party says Soros prepares “Libyan scenario” for Ukraine | Ukraine’s leading political party has said that the international financier George Soros has been preparing a “Libyan scenario” for the country.

Business Insider: John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Accused Of Being An Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi

Can Washington overthrow three governments at the same time?

Pepe Escobar: Will NATO annex Ukraine? | Here’s a very possible scenario. Eastern and southern Ukraine become part of Russia again; Moscow would arguably accept it. Western Ukraine is plundered, disaster capitalism-style, by the Western corporate-financial mafia – while nobody gets a single EU passport. As for NATO, they get their bases, ‘annexing’ Ukraine, but also get myriads of hyper-accurate Russian Iskander missiles locked in their new abode. So much for Washington’s ‘strategic advance’.

Paul Craig Roberts: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Declare that Power Comes Out of the Barrels of their Guns | Ask yourself, why does Russia need at this time an urgent readiness test unrelated to Ukraine? Anyone familiar with geography knows that western and central Russia sit atop Ukraine.

Let us all cross our fingers that another war is not the consequence of the insouciant American public, the craven cowardice of the presstitute media, Washington’s corrupt European puppets, and the utter mendacity of the criminals who rule in Washington.

The Corbett Report: Interview 830 – William Engdahl Exposes the Western Agenda in Ukraine | In this wide-ranging interview, author and geopolitical analyst William Engdahl of breaks down the history and context of the geopolitical machinations in Ukraine. We talk about the US/NATO encirclement of Russia and the evidence of western intervention in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. We also discuss the breakdown of the Saudi-US relationship and the destabilization of the Middle East, as well as China’s increasing geopolitical influence around the globe.

Eric Draitser of appears on RT to provide his analysis of the latest developments in Ukraine. Draitser explains that the nominal leaders of the opposition have no real power as they do not control the violent fascist groups on the ground. He outlines how the situation has deteriorated, the importance of the timing of developments, and what can be expected moving forward.

Eric Draitser: …and Europe’s Cure | Ukraine’s Sickness – Ukraine is undergoing a transformation of the worst kind. Its political institutions have been trampled upon by a motley collection of delusional liberals, slick politicians in fancy suits, and Nazi extremists. The social fabric is tearing apart at the seams, with each region searching for a local solution to the problems of what used to be their nation. And, in the midst of it all, the specter of profit-seeking financiers with dollar signs in their eyes is all the Ukrainian people can expect.

Euromaidan Coup | Why the West Supported the Toppling of the Ukrainian Government | The takeover of power in Kiev by the mainstream opposition is a coup that has been executed by force, which overlooks the opinions of at least half of the Ukrainian population. Yet, you would not know this from listening to such media outlets and networks as CNN or Fox News or reading the headlines being produced by Reuters and the state-owned British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The events in Kiev are misleadingly being billed and framed by these media sources and the so-called “Western” governments they support, either directly or indirectly, as the triumph of people power and democracy in Ukraine.

The Corbett Report: Interview 829 – Paul Craig Roberts Connects the Dots on the Ukrainian Revolution | Dr. Paul Craig Roberts of joins us to discuss his take on recent events in Ukraine. We examine the historical roots of the crisis and look at the risks of further escalation in the current situation. We also take on the reluctance of those inside the beltway to point out the self-evident truths about the increasingly reckless actions of the American Empire.

The Road to World War 3: Ukraine, Russia and American Imperialism | Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about the violent protests in Ukraine, evidence that the United States is fueling the conflict with taxpayer dollars and the dangerous game that is being played in the attempt to install military and missile bases on the Russian border.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky: Ukraine’s “Democratic Coup d’Etat”: Killing Civilians as a Pretext for Regime Change | With the support of Washington, Ukraine’s opposition “transitional government” headed by the parliament’s speaker Oleksandr Turchinov has issued an arrest warrant directed against the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych, accusing him of having ordered the “mass murder” of civilians during the bloody riots and clashes with police forces on Maidan Independence Square.

This “mass murder” for which he is accused bears the fingerprints of the Right Sector Neo-Nazi party Svoboda, which is supported and financed through various channels by the US and the EU.

The Maidan riots as well as the riots organized in other parts of the country were carefully staged with a timeline and specific political objectives in mind. Civilian casualties were part of this staged agenda, with a view to accusing president Yanukovych of “mass murder”, thereby providing a justification for regime change on humanitarian grounds.

Armed with riot shields and clubs, the [Neo-Nazi] group’s cadres have manned the front lines of the Euromaidan battles this month, filling the air with their signature chant: “Ukraine above all!”  (See Max Blumental, Is the US backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine? Alternet, February 25, 2014)

The preparations for this “democratic Coup d’Etat” had been carefully coordinated between the US State Department (and Western intelligence) and various political actors in Ukraine including the Svoboda party.

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US Backing the Destabilization of Venezuela | Keane Bhatt: Elite forces in Venezuela and the US are determined to undermine the accomplishments of the Bolivarian revolution

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Eric Draitser of appears on Press TV to discuss US policy in Syria and whether it has shifted. Draitser expplains that the US has sought regime change from the very beginning and, though they methods might vary month to month, the ultimate goal of the policy remains unchanged. He points out that US foreign policy is predicated on “crisis management”, the ability to create a crisis and then manage it to the desired outcome. He notes that, given Saudi arming of the terrorists and the continued flow of money, the situation in Syria is not likely to end any time soon.

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4 thoughts on “Geopolitics: Western Imperialists Want Regime Change In Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela”

  1. In the end is all about Russia and China. Unfortunately for these Two US is light-years ahead in planning and they can pull he democracy card and gay rights card any time. Russia is getting surrounded slowly by NATO. China’s sea borders is tightening up and land borders Afghanistan and others US present. Where is USA Surrounded?Alaska?Cuba?Cuba will fall from Within soon when US pumped in enough money for it like Venezuela soon. my prediction is that Iran and Russia will give a fight but fall from within. China will realize this faster and give it up and stay strong as World NR2 Pride can be a weakness and pride will make Russia and Iran fall. when Iran falls hopefully the Sunni extremists will not do a blood bath on all the Shias, they hate them more than they hate Christians. in the end Israel will be the only superpower in the region. and Turkey will have been deceived by its allies.

      1. How did you come to that prediction?no County in the region will be strong enough. unless all become one big Wahhabi extremists from Bangladesh all the way to Morocco

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