Economy: 2014 Debt Explosion, Bad News Is Good News, More Wealth Transferring

Greg Hunter: Brandon Smith – U.S. Debt Will Explode in 2014 | Brandon Smith of predicts U.S. debt will “explode in 2014.” Smith says, “I think the U.S. debt issue is going to be very big this year. I think where all this is headed is debt default by the United States and intervention by the IMF. I believe the IMF will intervene in U.S. Treasuries.” Smith thinks America is headed for one big “final swindle.” Smith says the government is “cornering the last vestiges of U.S. wealth in the Treasury market and then will cut the legs out from under the Treasury market and thereby destroying the few people left in the middle class and deal with an economic collapse situation. . . . I think we will not see a full-on collapse where we wake up and there is nothing. We will have a slow to medium speed collapse where we will lose a considerable percentage of the value of the dollar. We will see major price hikes in necessary goods such as food, energy and electricity. I think the ultimate goal is to have the IMF move in and take over the management of the U.S. economy. I think the IMF and the U.N. will work hand in hand to rebuild the U.S. economy once it collapses.” Smith goes on to say, “I have never seen so many possible global trigger events in the short time since I started to report on these global events. If you would have told me back in 2008 that we may one day be on the verge of WWIII in the Ukraine or with China and Japan, I might not have believed you. . . . I think there is a good possibility of a limited exchange, or limited use of nuclear weapons.”

On gold and silver, Smith says, “People in the investment market are going to start looking for alternative hedges.” Smith thinks, “Silver will go way up,” and “gold will be up 20% to 30% this year.”

Fabian Calvo: Bad Economic News Is Good News?

Greg Hunter: Gregory Mannarino – Pump and Dump Wealth Transfer Coming Soon | Gregory Mannarino of says the next crash will be no accident, and it’s coming soon. Mannarino contends, “The Federal Reserve is a serial and deliberate bubble blower. They have hyper-inflated the stock market. Why? Because they are going to allow this thing to blow off . . . . This is a wealth transfer. We’ve had the pump, and now we are going to get the dump. The dump is the wealth transfer. . . . I want people to understand, if you are long this market, you are very vulnerable right now. If you have a 401-K plan, you are very vulnerable. Remember what happened in 2008 to your 401-K plan? It’s going to be worse this time.”

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