“If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.” – Carl Sagan

carl saganThe below video clearly highlights how our so called “leaders” openly joke about their murderous wars of aggression. This sort of leadership can’t continue without serious future consequences. But we can stop a total disaster from occurring, or at least minimize it. We are not powerless.

American Leaders JOKE About Dead Veterans and Children http://youtu.be/Ocih62dSJR8

How Willful Blindness Keeps Everyone Living a Lie | Interview with Margaret HeffernanAbby Martin speaks with Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur and author of the upcoming book ‘A Bigger Prize’ about how the notion of willful blindness inhibits humanity’s ability to grow, and how the concept of competition is more damaging than we’ve been indoctrinated to believe. http://youtu.be/ZsPIfQLvdl8 (also see this)

James Corbett: Interview 820 – Ryan Dawson on Separation of Business and State | Ryan Dawson of The Anti-Neocon Report (YouTube: Rys2Sense) joins us to discuss his new ebook, The Separation of Business and State. We discuss how the false left/right dichotomy and ideological blinders stop people from uniting against the bankster-run corporatist fascist state. We talk about examples of this problem and how we can counteract this divide and conquer tactic. http://www.corbettreport.com/interview-820-ryan-dawson-on-separation-of-business-and-state/

Bankster Suicides and Bank Run Chatter – #NewWorldNextWeek http://youtu.be/ofW_0HKchgk (see about section for links to discussed articles)

Bill Still Report #178 – Ellen Brown 2 | Ellen Brown explains how Los Angeles could benefit from a state-chartered, city-owned bank. http://youtu.be/79Ibv9ZE7NI

The Jack Blood Show – Jan 21 2014 w/ Oil Geopolitics Expert, William Engdahl | Jack and William cover it all! Updates on Syria, The Ukraine Conspiracy, unrest in Thailand and what may happen to Israel and Saudi Arabia (on the outs after Syria / Iran failures?) – Jack the “layman” does his best to keep up, and William kicks butt as usual! http://deadlinelive.info/2014/01/26/the-jack-blood-show-jan-21-2014-w-oil-geopolitics-expert-william-engdahl/

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