News Round Up: China & Asia-Pacific, Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, Thailand, Iran, The Fed, Davos, NSA

National Sovereignty vs. Immigration? – The Asia-Pacific Perspective | James Corbett and Broc West discuss geopolitics involving China, Japan, the Philippines and Australia. (includes sources)

Fabian Calvo: The TRUTH On The Collapsing 23 Trillion Credit Bubble In China (see about section for links)

Sibel Edmonds: CIA-Gladio’s Zionist Operatives Urge Obama to Overthrow Erdogan’s Administration | Morton Abramowitz, Eric Edelman & Blaise Misztal Demand Immediate Regime Change in Turkey

Sibel Edmonds Explains the CIA’s “Reverse Engineering” of Turkey’s Erdogan (includes additional links)

RT & Western Military Alliance Supports Syria Terrorists

Middle East & North Africa articles via

Tony Cartalucci: A Tale of Two Protests: Ukraine and Thailand – Part IIISurely one might expect the West to have changed its stances on both protests – condemning ongoing Ukrainian demonstrations that have lost focus, are clashing with police out of “frustration,” and have been exposed as racists, bigots, and literal Neo-Nazis – while condemning the regime in Thailand for openly using terrorism against peaceful protesters.

However, the West has instead only further hardened its stance on both. It still adamantly backs pro-EU protesters in Kiev, while it has increasingly and more openly condemned ongoing protests in Thailand and lending support instead to the embattled regime. The Washington Post’s (CIA) editorial board serves as a telling barometer regarding both protests and the West’s stance on both.

Who is Behind the Ukrainian Riots? – New World Next Week (see about section for links)

Tony Cartlaucci: Economist’s Absurd “Divided Thailand” Commentary

See Tony and his team’s extensive Thailand coverage at

Peter Schiff: 0% is the Highest Interest Rate the U.S. Economy can Afford

Pepe Escobar: Cowbells, or how Davos saves the world | Masters of the Universe, vaguely real or totally fake, who want to play savior all flocked to Switzerland this week. In Montreux, one may “save” Syria at the very un-jazzy Geneva II charade, which I have dealt with here. In the interminable business meeting known as Davos, one has the possibility to save no less than the whole world.

Bill Still Report #170 – Davos 2014 | Escalating tensions between Japan & China. Branson loves Bitcoin, JP Morgan hates it.

Pepe Escobar: Rouhani and the 1914 remix | Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is at the moment the hardest-working man in (geopolitical) show business. He has just stepped into the lion’s den – or goldfish bowl; the World Economic Forum at Davos. And he charmed them all just with his “prudent moderation” strategy, which broadcasts what every Master of The Universe, real or fake, really wants to hear; Iran is open for business.

The people of Israel may not want war, but the criminals running their government seem to love it. I do think Bill makes some really good points on Iran worth reviewing.

Still Report # 169 – Iran UpdateIran’s President Rouhani says Iran will not be discriminated against when it comes to its civilian nuke program.

James Corbett – Justifying the Unjustifiable: Deconstructing the Lies of the NSA | As the public finally becomes outraged over the NSA’s illegal spying, members of government and the corporate media wage an information war to misdirect that anger to issues of less importance. To counteract this, a bold new citizen-led initiative to nullify the NSA is now gaining momentum around the United States. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

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