Former FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds exposes “journalist” Glenn Greenwald.

Government programs like Operation Mockingbird and COINTELPRO make deciphering the truth difficult. So getting informed can be a challenge considering how controlled our media is, even the alternative media. Take “journalist” Glenn Greenwald for example. I, like many, cheered him on in his efforts to expose NSA spying corruption. But new information has come to light regarding his intentions via FBI translator, whistleblower and author Sibel Edmonds. Check out her and the BFP crew’s coverage of Glenn Greenwald‘s major conflict of interest regarding his new “alternative” media venture with pro-NSA eBay CEO and founder Pierre Omidyar. It’s a lot of information, but well worth reviewing.

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First Look: Omidyar’s $250 Million Dollar Media Venture and the Greenwald / Paypal / NSA saga | Of the many intriguing aspects of the Snowden story, by far one of the most frustrating is that, other than a few interviews and press conferences, almost everything we know about Snowden, his motivations, and the documents themselves come from intermediaries who have found themselves in the position of spokespeople on the case. Even such basic questions as how many documents Snowden leaked is still unclear, with various sources listing anything from 10,000 to 1.7 million documents. If details as basic as these vary so widely between sources, how much more opaque are the more difficult questions of Snowden’s motivations and intentions, let alone the specifics of any deals he may have made with journalists about how this data was to be disseminated? (includes transcript with sources)

The BFP Roundtable Dissects the “Alternative” Media | Alternative to what and independent of whom? These are the questions that are seldom asked of the pseudo-alternative, foundation-funded and establishment-dependent “alternative” media. Today on the BFP Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez and James Corbett discuss the meltdown of the dinosaur media paradigm and how the establishment is using the pseudo-alternatives to continue to forward their agenda. We also discuss ways of counteracting this and positing real solutions to the problems we are facing.

Glenn Greenwald, NSA Documents & Checkbook Journalism – BFP Roundtable #02 | In the second edition of the BFP Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, Guillermo Jimenez, and James Corbett discuss the controversy surrounding Edmonds’ latest series of articles on the Greenwald/Omidyar/PayPal/NSA connection. We talk about the glacial pace at which the Snowden documents are being released, Greenwald’s book and video deals, the new news venture with eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar, the things that Greenwald doesn’t report on, and the public’s tendency to put people on pedestals. Don’t miss this controversial edition of the BFP Roundtable. James Corbett and Ryan Dawson on Terror Geopolitics | James Corbett and Ryan Dawson interview each other in a conversation about the Bombings in Russia, the true nature of terrorism, and also their 2 cents on Glen Greenwald’s maple syrup-like releases of the Snowden documents.

Dear Mr. Snowden, It’s Time to Come Out & Take a Stand Publicly as to Your Intentions | Whistleblowers already suffer tremendous pressure and stigma due to the characterization and marginalization put forth and circulated by the establishment and mainstream media. Unfortunately, to date, many people have been molded to view whistleblowers as disgruntled traitors and unpatriotic. Just ask Ellsberg, Manning and Drake, and they will tell you. I could tell you as well. Now, in the midst of our struggle to change this paradigm manufactured and marketed by the establishment, if we get a highly publicized case under the whistleblower brand, and if that case proves to be not whistleblowing but gross opportunism and a deceptive deed, then we all suffer: current and past whistleblowers, future whistleblowers, and of course the public at large with their right to know.

Green-Light for Greenwald: Government Duplicity or Government Duality? | To make this most convoluted and outrageous story short: while the whistleblower who obtained and released the documents to two journalists had to escape the country, be threatened with death and prosecution and jail, the secondary owner of these same stolen and highly-classified documents was able to secure a $250 million joint venture with a government-connected American corporate mogul in the United States, strike multi-million dollar deals with American mainstream mega publishers and Movie Studios, charge mega bucks for exclusive interviews and information, show his face regularly on all American mainstream media outlets and pose for every single mainstream magazine …

Greenwald-Omidyar Venture: Blurring Lines Between Being A Source & Being A Journalist | Even Greenwald does not deny the fact that the billionaire’s PayPal Corporation is a major stakeholder in the release of the 50,000-page NSA cache. He stands to lose billions of dollars if the details of his corporation’s partnership and cooperation with the NSA were to be made public. What is $250 million spent to buy out the source and information compared to billions of dollars? How about gaining advantageous information that could help Omidyar and his corporations blackmail or marginalize their competitors such as Amazon? How about owning information that would allow Omidyar and his corporations to blackmail and or bribe the US Congress and government regulatory agencies for favors and special treatment in return?

Greenwald Goes on Record: “I Don’t Doubt PayPal Cooperates with NSA!” | For nearly a decade Glenn Greenwald had justifiably attacked all mainstream media outlets as Corporate Media. However, after he came in possession of the 50,000-page documents implicating the NSA, he entered into a business venture with a Major Corporate Mogul, the billionaire owner of PayPal & eBay Corporations, for $250 million, whom he will be reporting for and under. There exists no doubt that the billionaire Corporation-ist is at least as Corporate as the corporate mainstream media Greenwald spent ten years attacking.

BFP Report- Omidyar’s PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents | Thus, we all should be alarmed when we see that those implicated in the whistleblower’s documented evidence are now forming a multi-million dollar business venture with those in possession of that evidence. We all must question the unexplained changes in the U.S. government’s position on the ownership and publication of these documents. We must all be wary when we see how readily mainstream publishers and Hollywood studios are signing up to publicize these documents and the case with some unexplained immunity. We have to ask ourselves: what has changed? What gives? Only a few months ago there was all this talks about apprehension, jailing, hanging and droning of all parties involved. Only a few months ago the parties involved put on a magnificent show on how they were threatened, endangered, and were going to be persecuted and prosecuted. Then, suddenly, something changed. Something gave. Was it a secret deal struck between the government and the involved parties establishing immunity and support in return for something much more cynical and dark? Was it the involved parties using the cache as a blackmailing tool to secure a $250 million payoff? Was it a solemn oath to withhold and never release the ‘real’ deal in return for a glamorous life with Hollywood studio deals and multi-million dollar book contracts?

Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest Bidder | Imagine a major government whistleblower who leaks his evidence and obtained documents to the highest bidders in the mainstream media and mega corporations. Does that sound awful, disgraceful and despicable? Okay. Now, imagine a pseudo journalist who obtains over 50,000 documents from a government whistleblower, and then takes some of this information and puts it out for bid, reserves a certain portion for a lucrative book deal, and saves the rest for a mega corporation that has a record of screwing whistleblowers. How does that sound? This is what I mean by the title of this commentary: Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest Bidders.

Inconsistencies and Unanswered Questions: The Risks of Trusting the Snowden Story | We live in an age of information war. It does not serve the public interest well to ignore that fact at any time based on pre-conceived notions of what corporations, governments or journalists are capable of. Let’s hope that Greenwald, who has done some good work revealing government misconduct, will immediately release all of the stolen documents, speak to the claims of an alleged deal made with government officials, and admit the risks with regard to Omidyar and his Paypal colleagues.

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