Rockefeller Medicine, Chris Beat Cancer | In the West, healthcare is really sickcare.

It’s important to understand that the medical establishment in the West doesn’t place a lot of value on proper nutrition. Take a look at just about any current school or hospital cafeteria. In the West, healthcare is really sickcare. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all Western medicine is bad. I’m all for combining Western and holistic medicine for the best possible outcome.

The Corbett Report: Rockefeller Medicine | As Americans fret about the Obamacare website and wonder how the country became enslaved to the highest healthcare costs in the world, we turn back the pages to look at how the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies. Join us this week as we explore the real history of modern healthcare and the real motivations behind the family that brought it to you.

If you want to see a prime example of using natural treatments to heal and prevent disease, including cancer, check out fellow Memphian Chris Wark‘s story and website, Please share with everyone, especially anyone you know with cancer. Cancer rates are continuing to sky rocket. Reuters just recently reported that cancer deaths were up 8 percent from 7.6 million in a previous survey in 2008 and breast cancer killed 522,000 women last year, up 14 percent in the same period, according to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) (also see this & this).

Chris Wark’s Chemo-Free Colon Cancer Survival Story

What every cancer patient needs to know

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