Syria Used Chemical Weapons Lie = Iraq Had WMDs Lie | More lies, more war. (VIDEO)

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U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator

Obama on the Brink | Who Killed the Syrian Peace Talks?

Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda

McCain crosses paths with rebel kidnapper (PHOTO)

Toxic Warfare: Rebels caught with sarin gas amid Syria arms supply scandal (RT)

In Wake of US-Israeli Attack on Syria, UN Reveals Terrorists Not Government Used Sarin Gas | So-called “red line” both drawn and then crossed by US-Saudi-Israeli axis and their terrorist proxies.

How Obama and Al-Qaeda Became Syrian Bedfellows

US Unveils Iraq WMD “Curveball-Style” Lies Vs. Syria | As NATO terror front collapses in Syria, US attempts to justify intervention by drumming up familiar WMD lies.

Graphic video: Syrian family ‘slain by rebels’ in Hama massacre (RT)

West’s WMD Lies Fray as Syrian Army Overruns Terrorist Proxies | Absurd “chemical weapons” claims begin to fall apart amidst NATO’s desperate bid to save its collapsing terror front in Syria.

NYT: “Nowhere in Rebel-Controlled Syria is There a Secular Fighting Force to Speak Of” | From the beginning, it was clear to geopolitical analysts that the conflict in Syria was not “pro-democracy” protesters rising up, but rather the fruition of a well-documented conspiracy between the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to arm and direct sectarian extremists affiliated with Al Qaeda against the Syrian government.

95% of ‘Syrian rebels’ not Syrians – report (RT)

Syria | What’s really going on and why (Ryan Dawson)

Unprovoked Attack on Syria: US-backed Israel Commits Egregious International Crime | The US feigns disassociation with Hitlerian act of Israeli aggression – as was planned since 2007.

NATO sees 70% sharp rise in support for Assad

Terrorist financier and Israeli asset John McCain meets with terrorists kidnappers (Ryan Dawson)

Syria’s Islamist Rebels Execute Teen in Front of His Parents | Accused 15-Year-Old of ‘Blasphemy’

Senator John McCain Meets Leaders of Terror Brigade in Syria. The NGOs that Made it Happen

NATO Proxies Using WMD’s in Syria – Dozens Dead | At least 25 are reported dead after a chemical weapons attack targeting Syrian soldiers was carried out by NATO-backed terrorists in the northern city of Aleppo.

Alert: NATO False Flags to Increase in Syria by Massacres

EU Lifts Oil Embargo on Syria – Buys Directly from Al Qaeda | Western media hails EU oil deal as potential game changer, despite admitting Al Qaeda holds oil fields.

EXPOSED: Syrian Human Rights Front is EU-Funded Fraud | NYT admits fraudulent Syrian human rights group is UK-based “one-man band” funded by EU and one other “European country.”

Syria and the Sham of “Humanitarian Intervention”

West’s Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats Anyway | UN admits almost all of the 108 killed in Houla were killed at close range by militants, not Syrian soldiers firing artillery.

Why John McCain Wants to Aid Syrian Terrorists | His trip to Syria in support of lung-eating savages

Al-Qaeda’s Specter in Syria

The Syria Con (Veteran Charlie McGrath)

Don’t Arm Syria’s Rebels: The ‘Vetting Process’ Is A Lie

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