[Brendon O’Connell] Russian Church Leader Is A Common Thief Charleton KGB Agent

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Church Leaders $30,000 Swiss Watch Disappears Up His Sleeve https://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/06/world/europe/in-russia-a-watch-vanishes-up-orthodox-leaders-sleeve.html

Patriarch Kirril (real name Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev) is a common thief, KGB Agent friend of KGB Agent Putin.

All spiritual sons of the Soviet Stalinist era super spy Yuri Andropov.

Kirril has billions from tobacco and vodka and oil taxes. Utilizing the Church’s tax exempt status to make a personal fortune. If Pope Francis farts there is a apoplectic fit. But when Kirril amasses a fortune and wears his $30,000 Swiss watch – there is silence. THAT, is good Soviet era long term strategic planning.

Some of us remember the frothing love for Perostroika and Glasnost in the Reagan Gorbachev era. Now we have an identical repeat here with Trump and Putin. Putin is the most popular thug politician on the planet and the masses cannot get enough.

His opposition are the gay man that got married…

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nina-rosenwald-Varet-Rennert-2Through my research into Nina Rosenwald and Gatestone Institute I came across the name Ingeborg Rennert in the list of Gatestone Institute Board of Governors, as seen below.Board-of-Gatestone-Institute-Screen-Capture-Ingeborg-Rennert

Since using this screenshot in a video, the list of Board of Governors has been removed from the Gatestone Institute website. I take that as a sign that they don’t want myself and others prying into these people. Maybe they have something to hide?

Nina  Rosenwald with an award she received at the Israel’s Open University Foundation benefit. You’ll notice in this article that Jews like giving eachother awards.


Israel’s Open University Foundation benefit raised a total of $620,000. The event was hosted by Foundation President Ingeborg Rennert and Baron Robert de Rothschild. Guests in attendance included Police Comissioner Ray Kelly, Elie Wiesel, lawyer and political commentator Alan Dershowitz and Commonwealth Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks who addressed the gathering.



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